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Open steel flooring is constructed from Load Bearing Flats in a wide range of depths and thickness. These flats are set at various pitches by Twisted Transverse Bars, forge welded to the top surface of the Load Bearing Flats, under 100 tonnes of pressure and 2000 KVA.

The forge-welded process provides a one piece unit with maximum resistance to distortion and twisting, allowing the grating to be extensively cut and shaped without reducing strength or rigidity. The combination of flat and twisted bar gives excellent strength to weight ratio, unique slip resistant qualities and allows the free passage of light and fluids.

The gratings are available with either Plain or Serrated load bearing bars. Plain pattern brings together all the qualities of open steel flooring at the lowest cost. Serrated pattern offers a much improved performance in areas where low traction conditions are prevalent, and is therefore often used in Offshore or Sewerage Projects.

Note: when using serrated gratings, the safe load is derived by multiplying the plain U.D.L. value for your chosen span, by the relevant U.D.L. Serrated conversion factor.

Gratings are held in standard panels of 6 metre x 1 metre (nominal), ranging from 20mm up to 60mm deep, in either 3mm or 5mm flatbars. Other sections can be produced on request. We offer a full design and fabrication service on all our gratings, or alternatively stock panels can be supplied direct from our works.

Gratings can be supplied as, self colour, galvanised, or as requested by the customer.

Gratings are easily fixed in position from above, using butterfly style fixing clips. We would normally recommend that a quantity of 4 clips per meter squared be used. Fixing Type 1 Clips are stocked in a galvanised finish.


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